Pusnes deck machinery™

Aker Solutions is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of deck machinery. Several thousands ship sets of hydraulic and electric deck machinery have been delivered to vessels sailing all over the world since the production was established in 1875.
Our deck machinery has been developed and improved over the years in order to fulfil new requirements and new marked demands. Winches designed to operate in Arctic conditions are just one example of recent developments.

Deck machinery The increase in environmental awareness is becoming more and more apparent in the type of equipment that shipowners are choosing for their vessels. A direct result is the increasing popularity of diesel electric propulsion systems and electric deck machinery.
In line with the increasing awareness of environmentally sound solutions, Pusnes electric deck machinery™ has undergone significant modernisation and streamlining. Electric deck machinery eliminates the need for hydraulics and therefore risk to the environment.

The Pusnes emergency towing system™ was originally designed for tankers loading in the North Sea. It has been further developed and today fulfils all new regulations. Almost 1 000 emergency towing systems have so far been delivered.

Information from:
OCIMF – Oil Companies International Maritime Forum – who has received many reports from tankers that experienced serious problems with their anchoring system. The reason for the incidents is the growth in the world’s fleet of merchant vessels. All former anchoring places, which were located in benign waters, are now overcrowded and the new ones have been established far offshore in deeper areas with harsher weather conditions, such as waves, swells, stronger wind and current. This generates large dynamic forces in the anchoring system for which they are not designed.

Attempts to weigh anchor in bad weather are the most frequent reason for damage of windlass motors.