TEF 4732


Navigation lights control panel for the TEF 2840/TEF 2870 Lanterns.
Main supply 24V AC/DC

Control panel series TEF4720 are designed to switch and fuse navigation and signalling lights on all kind of ships.
Panels are approved and certified by DNV.
Panels are offered in three different versions, for 8, 12 and 16 lanterns.

Technical Data

Material Anodised aluminium with engraved text, specified by customer
Supply voltage 2 x 24V AC/DC
Load Filament lamps / 24V 25-40W
Dimensions (8 circuits) 144 x 240 x 150 mm
Cut out dimensions (8 circuits) 124 x 220 mm
Cut out dimensions (12 and 16 circuits) 124 x 364 mm
Weight (8 circuits) Max 3,5 kg.
Weight (12 circuits) Max 5,0 kg.
Weight (16 circuits) Max 5,5 kg.



  • For console mounting
  • Easy installation (all terminals are separated from control box with a 1 meter flexible conduit)
  • Prepared for connection of two 24 V AC/DC power supplies
  • Automatic selection of power supply, with preference on main supply
  • Alarm when a supply is missing
  • The lanterns are switched by two pole, rocker switches on the front panel.
  • Dimmable LED’s indicate when a lantern is on
  • Visible and audible alarm when a fault occurs in a circuit (broken bulb, short circuit etc.)
  • Voltage drop in long cable length can be a problem. This is compensated by connecting specific circuits to a higher voltage than 24V.
  • Transformers delivered by Tranberg AS have output for six different voltages
  • Tranberg AS can assist calculating voltage loss in cable to lantern.
  • Equipped with an ”alarm-relay” with potential free contact set for remote monitoring
  • Test button for testing of LED’s and acoustic alarm.