Air Handling Units

The Air Handling Unit is the “heart” of every HVAC system and the main device to deal with the temperature and humidity of the air in the Ships accomodation. In the Air Handling Unit, the air is filtered, heated or cooled, and the humidity is regulated to the required level.

Aeron marine airhandling units are designed to satisfy HVAC requirements for all accommodation spaces onboard ships. We offer a flexible range of units. The units are made up of modules that enable us to deliver solutions tailor made to each vessel and ventilation room. Our products come in selections of single or dual-pipe units, low or high pressure units.


  • The units are assembled from a wide range of standard sections
  • Hard fastness between panels and frame to ensure good air tightness.
  • The spiroduct can be connected directly to the sections for easy installation.
  • The AHU have very good acoustic and thermal insulation
  • The AHU can be delivered both as galvanized or stainless steel
  • The units are delivered with wave breakers and water traps
  • The fan and motor are mounted on vibration dampers with flexible connections

AERON Marine Air Handling Units are delivered with all necessary accessories in order to minimize installation work at the yard. The heat exchangers and evaporators can be delivered in any type of materials the customer demands.


With years of experience with HVAC systems, we can offer a number of different solutions for automation and control of our air treatment plants. We deliver all necessary control panels, starters, frequency converter systems, valves, motors, sensors and other accessories necessary for controlling and monitoring of AERON HVAC systems.
We deliver everything from simple, virtually maintenance-free plants to state-of-the-art computerized systems where operation, maintenance and monitoring can be conducted from computer screens throughout the ship.

Our electrical shop build and test the cabinets according to current regulations and international standards. Switchboard panels and fronts are built according to layout drawings tailored to each system to ensure that the cabinets have a compact and correct size.

Air-Terminals and Cabin Units

AERON Marine Cabin Units and air terminals are designed for use in high speed marine air-conditioning systems. Their task is to control the flow of air, its distribution and temperature. The units are tested in a special laboratory for optimum performance. Important factors include air throw, air induction, insulation capability and sound attenuation. We have a comprehensive range of Cabin Units.

The Cabin Units is the termal device of the air-conditioning systems. which are applicable for the lodging cabins, dayrooms, wheelhouse, conference rooms etc.

A range containing units for wall mounting or ceiling suspension, units for 1 pipe, 2 pipe, 1 pipe with reheat and a wide selection of air terminal units for low pressure systems. Air diffusers for the Ceiling Cabin Units are available in square or circular shapes to fit ceiling panels. For manual operation the units come with an air volume control device. For constant air flow and regulation of temperature a special room thermostat is available. AERON Cabin Diffusers can be delivered in any choice of colour in order to blend in with the ship’s interior.

Defroster Nozzle

We deliver special defrosting solutions for the wheelhouse with a standard defroster nozzle for step less air-volume control. Our nozzles come with an optional slanted base for outward slanting windscreens forcing the air to hit the pane at a proper angle.

Exhaust Air Terminals

In addition to a wide range of supply and exhaust air vents for use in low pressure systems, we also deliver special exhaust nozzles and exhaust terminals with high capacity and low noise quality for our high speed system.

Refrigerations and Cooling Plants

Our range of refrigerating units will cover every need for refrigeration onboard a modern vessel. Tailor made to fulfill all requirements from shipyards, ship-owners, classification and national authorities.
Our condensing units are constructed for marine applications. Components and materials are chosen on the basis of our long experience in the marine refrigeration business. Emphasis is put on small dimensions, low weight and easy maintenance.

The refrigeration plants can be delivered either as direct expansion systems or as water-chilling units for indirect cooling. Depending on your specific demands or required capacity, our plants can be delivered with compressors for reciprocating- or screw-type systems, or as multi compressor units fitted with several compressors.

Whatever the requirements, AERON will provide an optimal designed plant that meet your demands. You may find more information in our product catalogue.

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Self Contained Air-Conditioners

Self contained “low noise” air-conditioners specially designed for installation onboard ships, containing all necessary parts like compressor, condenser, air cooler / evaporator, drip tray, fan and all necessary thermostats and auxiliary components. The units are completely prepiped and wired at the factory to assure the customer’s time and money – saving installation time and servicing.
Our self contained units come in a high quality finish designed for installation in both accommodation areas and technical areas. The units can be used with all common refrigerants from 4 to 98 kW. Custom made units can be delivered for larger capacities.

The self contained units are mostly used as seperate ac-unit for control rooms, workshops, bridges and so on. The units are available for ducted applications or with an accessory plenum and grille. Special considerations have been taken in order to achieve a low noise level. Our units can be supplied with a wide range of optional equipment to fulfill your requirements.

Aeron Marine Fans

AERON offer a wide range of fans. Several alternatives are at hand to create optimal solutions that cover all requirements for ventilating systems onboard any ship.
The products are developed to withstand any kind of climate condition, putting maximum demand on performance and build quality. The fans are powered by electric, West European-norm motors engineered for marine use. Our fans are available in all designs and density classes, and with requisite certificates according to class and governmental requirements.

The axial fans are available in different materials, primed and painted steel, galvanised steel, marine-corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel. A large degree of prefabrication ensures short delivery times.

The typical application for these fans are mechanical ventilation of cargo rooms, engine rooms et cetera. Accessories includes custom-fitted counter flanges, vibration dampers and sleeves for flexible connection to the duct network on the suction and pressure sides.

The fans are available for both indoor and outdoor installation in standard execution or as special executions for top duct mounting. The fans come with various numbers of ventilation cowls, dampers and silencers for optimal performance.

Centrifugal Fans

The fans are delivered in low, medium and high pressure execution. Available in both sea water resistant aluminium alloy or in stainless steel. Our fans come with a large number of accessories. Available in light or heavy duty designs. A typical application is exhaust air from different rooms in accommodation areas, or as supply or exhaust fans for any room with narrow space that requires small ducts with high speed air distribution.

Spark-proof And Explosion-proof Fans

Certain shipboard areas onboard chemical tankers, oil tankers, gas carriers and special cargo ships have very stringent requirements concerning safety. AERON offers a wide range of special fans for installation in this type of areas.

Special Fans, Small Duct Fans And Heating Fans

In our Product Catalogue you will find a large range of different fans for indoor installation. You will find a large number of small fans in standard execution or in Ex-execution for use in special environments like hospitals, paint stores et cetera. We also offer several different high quality spaces, machinery spaces, thruster rooms et cetera, we supply a large number of heating fans for use with all common types of heating medium (electric, hot water, steam or oil).
You will find more information about our marine fans in our product catalogue.

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Humidity does more damage than most people realise. Humidity leads to corrosion which will shorten the lifespan of machinery, metal structures, electrical installations and electronic systems.

Installation onboard offshore platforms and various types of ships are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Louvers in general, particular the intake louvers, are often exposed to larger amounts of water from heavy rain, strong winds, green sea and water spray. To ensure the longevity of the louvres, but also to increase the lifespan and performance of machinery, electronic systems and more, a well dimensioned and high quality intake louver systems is always well invested money.

Droplet seperator

AERON droplet separators are heavy duty, high efficient water and moisture eliminators that yield high efficiency with low operating pressure drop. The separators are available in sea water resistant aluminium alloy or in stainless steel. The droplet separators can be combined with a filter coalescor system for water and dust separation.
All our louvres and droplet separators that can be delivered in combination with a damper or hatch for weather-tight closing. In addition to the advanced moisture eliminators, we also supply all kind of simple louvers, hoods and goose necks.

You will find more details about our louvers and droplet seperators in our Product Catalogue.

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is a lightweight, compact cooling unit designed for cooling of antenna systems. AM01 consists of a stainless steel casing equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fitted together to form a “ready to use” unit.
AM01 can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65?C


is a lightweight, compact cooling unit designed for cooling of antenna systems.
AM-02 is for mounting outside antennaAM-02 consists of a stainless steel casing equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fi tted together to form a “ready to use” unit with remote controll box

AM-02 can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65?C


is a lightweight, compact cooling unit designed for cooling of antenna systems.
AM-03 consists of a stainless steel casing equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fitted together to form a “ready to use” unit.

AM-03 can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65?C


is a lightweight, compact cooling unit.
AM-04 consists of a stainless steel casing equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fitted together to form a “ready to use”.

Sutable for duct connection on the cold side.

AM-04 can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65?C