TEF 4614

Control panel for Trawler – and Purse Seiner Signals

Additional signals for fishing vessels fishing close to other fishing vessels.

Vessels trawling must have 2 white and 2 red lanterns mounted alternately directly one over another. These lanterns must indicate when thetrawl is shooting, hauling and when the trawl is caught in an obstacle.

Vessels fishing with purse seiner, must show 2 lanterns with yellow light. One mounted directly over the other. These lanterns must flash alternately every second and with equally longb light– and dark periods.

Technical Data

Material Black anodised aluminium. Engraved text.
Supply voltage See flip side
Max. load See flip side
Fuse Not included. See flip side
Enclosure IP20
Dimensions (wxhxd) Control unit – 144x96x40 mm
Main unit 230x80x130 mm
Cut-out 124×76 mm
Weight 1,5 kg.


  • For control and protection of trawler- and purse seiner lights.
  • For flush mounting


  • Easy installation
  • Solid State flash circuits
  • Control unit seperated from power unit. Length of control cable is optional. Standard length is 2 meters
  • Layout adapted to Tranberg’s lantern control panels
  • Dimmable indicator lights


  • Two set of output terminals
  • Front plate with measures 192 x 96 mm. For adapting to Tranberg’s lantern control panel with 192 mm with
  • Optional length of control cable